We are happy to quote on any of your company’s branding, advertising, website design, social media marketing, or creative and media strategy development needs. Just about every job is custom quoted, except for the jobs that we have listed prices for on our Package Deals page. 
We do not price out our projects based on an hourly rate. Projects are priced based on a number of factors including specifications, complexity, proposed solutions, and timelines. We provide a flat rate, upfront, to our clients. When possible, we provide optional quotations to work within budgets. 
But yes, for those wondering, we do have a 'posted ' hourly rate of $100.
Our hourly rate (or a portion thereof) comes into play when we are doing work that is billable by the hour. For example, if we are making a minor change to an existing brochure that we designed last year for you, we would bill you for the actual time it took to make the requested change (maybe 20 minutes). When we first did the brochure, you would have received a customized quote (flat fee) for the brochure design. It would have included copywriting, design, selection of the stock photography, overseeing the printing, etc. One quote for all the work involved. You wouldn't be charged more if it took us an hour longer to find the perfect image for the front cover for the brochure, or if the printer asked us to come back a second time to approve an additional proof. We provide customized, flat rate, per project quotes. I think you get the idea. 
So please feel free to contact us if you want a quotation on any project...large or small. 
Our quotes are FREE.
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