Retainer marketing is a fee for service that is charged on a monthly rate instead of a per project basis. 
By moving to a retainer fee structure, work becomes Results Oriented Rather than Task Driven. A retainer agreement is focused solely on achieving your business goals and the work necessary to do so. The expanded scope of work is customized after discussions with individual clients on the type of services required, where improvements could be made in the marketing process and how to maximize time and strengths of internal staffing. This type of proposal allows us to provide clients with expert advice, accountability and assistance required to achieve their marketing goals and establish themselves as a brand leader within their target market within a set budget that is established in advance. There are no surprise invoices or unexpected expenditures.
A typical retainer proposal allows for an established partnership to elevate all aspects of visual communications and maintain a consistent brand identity. New partnerships are able to start as if they have their own 'in-house advertising departments' without the stress of actual management and financial issues that would entail. 
Most retainer contracts benefit clients in the following ways:
• Establish a consistent, high-quality look and feel to all assigned projects, building upon the existing client's brand
• In-house marketing without the need to a hire full-time employees
• Priority service
• Discounted rate for the month-to-month scope of work, approx. 10%–20% off of Creative Effects normal hourly rate when applicable to be charged
• Discounted rate on printing services, estimated 10% off standard industry rates
• Our media negotiating skills aquired through dealing with local and national media for over three decades, used to get the best placement and pricing for our retainer clients
• Retainer contracts may cover additional small design projects as they arise
• Time saved on paperwork and admin for each project. Increase in internal staff productivity
• Easier budgeting – there are no surprises or unexpected costs
If you are interested in how a retainer marketing contract with Creative Effects would benefit your company, contact us today. Monthly retainer fees vary. Individual client proposals must be prepared. Fill out the form below and lets get started!
Life is busy but we are really excited to hear from you. We will do our best to get back to you within 1 business day. Thank you!
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