Good design costs money. The old phrase, "You get what you pay for" is almost always true. Think about that when you are deciding whether to trust your neighbour's son, the local copy & print shop (who also does websites) or a professional design studio with the online branding of your company.
Some projects must be quoted individually. But after more than 30 years in business we find that there are certain projects that clients request from us more often and we have come to specialize in them. With that much experience with specific projects we developed a methodology that just works and it made developing a standardized price structure easier. We also find that it makes sense to package some of these services together. 
 Please note that sometimes there are circumstances that change the costs within a package. Also, substitutions are not allowed. We are, however, very happy to give you a customized quote on any package of services that are not shown on this page. Please see the Details section below for specifications on all the packages.
It is also important to understand what you are buying (Rights in design being transferred to you). In Canada, the rights of all artwork remain with the artist unless they are transferred in writing to the client (even when you pay for a design - you are just paying to USE it unless it is put in writing that you OWN it). All of our logo designs come with the transfer of OWNERSHIP. You can read more on this below.
Logo Design for Small Business – $2500
Includes a custom designed Logo and Logo Style Guide. Your logo is the biggest part of your brand identity. It is the first thing people notice about you. You need it to set the right mood and create the right initial impression so capturing your company's personality is everything. Your brand may appear from print to digital, large or small, so the initial design must work across all platforms. Style, layout and colours - all written and visual communications - will need to flow throughout your identity so you’ll need to think beyond just a logo. Creating a logo, your brand, is an investment. It is a pivotal first step that you will build everything around and our experienced designer can help you. See DETAILS below.
Basic Branding Package for Small Business – $3000
Includes a custom designed Logo, Logo Style Guide, 500 Business Cards, Digital Letterhead, Digital Envelope. See more info below under DETAILS.
Upgraded Branding Package for Small Business – $3500
Includes a custom designed Logo, Logo Style Guide, 500 Business Cards, Digital Letterhead, Digital Envelope and Social Media Kit. See DETAILS below.
Comprehensive Branding Package for Small Business – $4500
Includes a custom designed Logo, Brand Style Guide, 500 Business Cards, Digital Letterhead, Digital Envelope, Social Media Kit and 250 Brochures. See DETAILS below. 
Basic Responsive Website Design – $4900
Includes a responsive template beautifully customized to match your unique brand, with up to 8 pages of content entered for you. Responsive Web Design means that the site architecture is built to respond to the user’s behaviour and environment based on screen size, platform and orientation. We will produce an intuitively designed site that is vibrant, informational and user friendly from the copy you provide us. We will rewrite the headings and home page copy if necessary to increase your brand awareness. After identifying your site's objectives we will create the architecture for the site. Web site architecture refers to the organization of the web site content. A well thought out site architecture ensures the information is displayed in a way that the user can find what they are looking for quickly and on a consistent basis. Careful planning of the site architecture also ensures the search engines will be able to easily search and access your site. At Creative Effects we take our knowledge of marketing and combine that with the intricacies of website development. This is one of the most important pieces of your brand tool kit, lets make sure everyone knows it.  See DETAILS below.
Basic Responsive Website Design with Basic CMS – $6500+ 
Includes everything from Basic Responsive website plus a Contact Management System that allows you to change all of your text content without knowing any geeky programming code! If you can use a Word document, you can use a CMS. A CMS is great if you need to make frequent changes to your website content (changes to a blog, itinerary, menus, prices, information, etc). It even lets you add and delete pages, and simple photo on the site. A basic CMS doesn't change everything on your site (like the forms, site menu structure or core graphic) but we can quote a more customized CMS if you need one.  If you only change your website content once in a while, you probably don't need a CMS. We are happy to make changes for you anytime you need them, just give us a call. See DETAILS below.  
Basic Responsive Website Design with Accessibility – $4900 +yearly fee
Includes everything from Basic Responsive website plus an Automated Web Accessibility Solution which is WCAG 2.0 AA compliant (Government Accessibility Standards). Making accessible websites ensures that they are usable by the widest range of users, but also ensures your site is easier to read and navigate. It is important to make these changes to your websites to accommodate a variety of disabilities. Some new sites are even required by law to be compliant. See notes on Ontario Law regarding Website Accessibility below to see if your new site must comply. This added module is a 3rd party add on that is billed yearly (visit for pricing and demonstration). Custom coded Accessibility sites can be quoted individually. See DETAILS below.
Basic Responsive Website Design with Basic CMS and Accessibility – $6500+ +yearly fee
Includes everything from Basic Responsive site, Basic CMS and plus an Automated Web Accessibility Solution (visit for pricing and demonstration). See DETAILS below.
Basic Maintenance and Support Package – $395/monthly retainer (based on a one year contract on one of our Basic Responsive Sites)
Includes all updates to software, firmware, plugins, etc. to website. CMS functionality support and updates. Offsite backup of website.  Plus up to 1 hour per month of programming support for non-CMS changes (ie. forms, home page, menus, etc) and user support. When your site is first launched it looks and functions beautifully but in the ever changing world of the internet your site won't stay that way forever. It needs regular site maintenance to keep functioning optimally. As browsers, plug-ins, software, servers and everything else that helped build your site, supports your site or co-exist on the web with your site evolves and updates so must your site, if it is to continue to work properly. We can make sure this happens regularly and seamlessly. We also make sure there is a recent back up of your site and site data in case something bad does happen. And if you have questions or minor requests, we have support services available to you. See DETAILS below.
Basic Maintenance, Support and SEO/SEM advertising – $1000/monthly retainer (based on a one year contract oN ONE OF OUR Basic Responsive SiteS)
Includes everything from above Basic Maintenance and Support Package plus Organic SEO/SEM Marketing Services as specified in DETAILS section below. Part of a good social media strategy and digital marketing involves a key component of SEO/SEM (web speed, keywords, link building, architecture and optimization). Once a site is built it must be constantly updated to keep these elements SEO friendly. A key component is SERP (Search Engine Results Page - the main reason why SEO marketing campaigns are conducted). Having your web page ranked high on a SERP is through a particular set of relevant keywords that are found through research. These keywords must then be tailored to specific web pages. See DETAILS below.
LOGO DESIGN: Please note cost may be higher for logo designs for franchises and/or companies with  multiple locations. Please call for customized quotes for logo designs and branding packages for medium and large size companies.
Before each project has begun, a 50% payment will be collected. Once a payment has been made, the process begins with a detailed questionnaire and a phone conference or meeting. The designer will then supply you with up to 4 initial designs within an average of 15 business days, depending on the project. Time-sensitive projects can be worked into our schedule upon request. Once the initial round of designs has been completed, you are then allowed 2 full rounds of revisions at no cost. A “round” consists of as many changes as you would like to see, as long as they’re given to us all at the same time. Additional rounds are subject to additional costs. 
LOGO STYLE GUIDE: We will supply you a file usage guide that explains the differences between the logo file formats you’ll receive and the meaning of different colour systems supplied (ie. CMYK, RGB, and Pantone). The guide will help you pick the right logo file whenever you need to use one.
BRAND STYLE GUIDE: A more detailed version of the File Usage Guide that talks about your brand objectives, logo usage rules and introduces other graphic/marketing elements like your stationary and brochure. Please note a Brand Style Guide is different from a more extensive Brand Book, which covers all aspects of a company's branding / marketing rules and guidelines. We would be happy to quote this project separately.
BUSINESS CARDS/DIGITAL LETTERHEAD/DIGITAL ENVELOPE:  After a logo has been selected, the designer will place the logo on a stationary design. You are then allowed 1 full round of revisions at no cost. Additional rounds may be subject to additional costs. 500 digital business cards will be printed of one name or 250 cards will be printed of 2 names. Letterhead and envelope artwork will be supplied as high resolution PDF files or Word documents for in-house printing.
SOCIAL MEDIA KIT: Social media gives you the perfect opportunity to reach your target audience and build your brand. We can help by providing a profile image and banner for up to three social media platforms (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc), ready for you to upload.
BROCHURE: Yes people still like to look at a 'real' brochure. We give you an 11” x 8.5” brochure (that folds in half or tri-folds) that matches your new logo/branded style. We will take your copy and photos to produce a targeted promotion piece to help you connect with your target audience. We will supply up to 2 stock images.  250 brochures will be digitally printed.
WEBSITES: Before each project has begun, a 50% payment will be collected. Once a payment has been made, the process begins with a detailed questionnaire and a phone conference or meeting.
Basic Responsive Website Design Details:  Up to 5 stock photos are include in the price. Production of 1 basic form is also included. 8 pages are included in pricing. Additional pages can be purchased at $150 per page. Testing on standard browser/ commercial server is performed. Basic SEO protocols are followed in the building of the site. Detailed optimization services can be purchased with our SEO monthly retainer package. Basic Website price is for a uni-language (English) site. Bilingual sites are available. Please ask for a customized quotation. Cost of hosting and domain name registration is not included in pricing.
Basic CMS Details: The details of the CMS can be somewhat customized to each client but are restricted to text content and some basic photo uploads and pdf/jpg attachments. Changes to forms, site menus and dynamic page content or data content is not included in the basic CMS pricing. More complex CMS options can be quoted as a customized website.
Accessibility Details: By law, you must make new and significantly refreshed public websites accessible if you are: a private or non-profit organization with 50+ employees; or a public sector organization. These sites must meet Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 Level A. Beginning January 1, 2021: all public websites and web content posted after January 1, 2021 must meet WCAG 2.0 Level AA. The cost to add accessibility to additional pages, bilingual pages, complex pages, diagrams or forms increases the cost of this option. Please note that accessibility features do not comply in the CMS areas of the website. It only complies in the Front End of the site. We use a 3rd party Automated Web Accessibility Solution which is billed direct to client annually. 
RIGHTS IN DESIGN: Price quoted is for a complete buy-out of rights on final logo design chosen. All preliminary designs remain the property of Creative Effects. For all other components of the design packages quoted on this page, the client is purchasing unrestricted reproduction rights of final design for self promotional usage. Web site files will reside on the client’s server of choice. Client owns the rights to their domain name (if purchased directly) and all web files that were custom created for the site by Creative Effects. The responsive format of the site is based off of a template that was modified to fit the client’s needs. The ownership of the base template is not transferable. Client is free to modify, change or replace content on the site as they deem suitable. Unless stated otherwise, all other electronic files, as well as original artwork (either preliminary or final), photographs or illustrations supplied by Creative Effects remain the exclusive property of Creative Effects or the original author. Client is purchasing usage rights of these pieces for self promotional usage only.
MAINTENANCE AND SUPPORT SERVICES: Please note that this plan is not a security plan. Maintaining your website can help protect it against vulnerabilities but does not guarantee it can't get ‘hacked’. For that, we recommend a Security Plan. Ask us of for suggestions.
SEO/SEM SERVICES: Our organic SEO services include – Research and Initial set up of SERP key words • Initial set up of code in back end of web site to encourage ‘spiders’ to ‘crawl’ and index pages. Elimination of code and techniques that prevents this from happening. • Encouragement of positive links to and from site • Monthly updates to keep software and site current to encourage reindexing of site. Specific SEO Guarantees are included in the contract.
Errors and omissions excluded. All prices may change without notice. Actual specifications may change package pricing. Terms and conditions, specifications, options, and additional costs will be outlined on all quotations/contracts issued. Quotations/Contracts must be signed for all work ordered included on packages listed on this website and custom quotations. Details and prices on quotations/contracts are final and take precedent over anything written on this website. 
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